Ruts DC are enjoying a new lease of life at a time when other bands who’ve been through what they’ve endured would be happily retired.

Thanks Sunderland Echo for a wonderful review πŸ™‚

Formed in Southall, West London, in 1977 as The Ruts, they were one of the era’s finest exponents of punky-reggae fusion.

An explosive live proposition, they released a series of excellent singles including In A Rut, Babylon’s Burning and Staring At The Rude Boys.

Tragedy struck when frontman Malcolm Owen died of a heroin overdose in 1980, while they were making their second album, and many thought that was ‘game over’ for a band whose flame had burned so bright.

They hadn’t reckoned on their resilience, however, and the three remaining members changed their name to Ruts DC (D.C. standing for the Italian term ‘da capo’, or ‘back to the beginning’) and soldiered on in a slightly different musical vein.


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