Ruts DC: Blackpool Rebellion Festival – live review Louder Than War

Ruts DC put on three incredible performances in one weekend at last weekend’s Rebellion Festival. Philip Thompson was lucky enough to see them all. Read his review of this very special band below.


In common with many momentous occasions, it seems both the blink of an eye and an age since I found myself reviewing the return of Ruts DC at Blackpool’s Rebellion Festival two years ago. It’s fair to say that, despite having been a band in the wilderness for some 30 years, I hung my hat on them as one of punk rock’s great hopes for the future. Whatever else we learned this weekend, it’s clear that Ruts DC have not let me, their incredibly loyal fan-base or, crucially, themselves down.

Since that triumphant return they have not rested on their laurels. They have operated on a DIY, somewhat hit and run (no pun intended!) basis where gigs are concerned- playing wherever they have felt the vibe is righteous to ever more ecstatic, sometimes disbelieving audiences. This approach culminated in last year’s valedictory performances on The Damned’s UK winter tour. Much has been reported on that score already but it’s telling that a widely held opinion amongst seasoned Damned watchers is that the inclusion of Ruts DC on the bill caused the old chaos-mongers themselves to up their game.


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Segs Rebellion Festival Blog Day 2

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Pace yourself segs… You’ve got gigs to do!! We’ve committed to performing an acoustic set in the Theatre bar at 9.15 .we’ve also said we’d perform a new song!! Right then.. A quick run-through in the, rather tiny, hotel room then off to the RutsDCHQ i.e Weatherspoons.

Yes, I know it’s a chain, yes I know they buy old venues etc…But Affordable beer and food attracts not only us, but also a lot of Rebellionites. So, all cool …off to the show. I let the nerves in — yep, it does happen folks. I’m always a little nervous; it makes for a better show…This time I’m admitting it … To anyone that will listen !! The lyrics to the promised new song (Second Hand Child) have just been painfully created… And so i’m pacing up and down outside the gig resembling a muttering madman…Various singers and friends pass… “Segs, what you doing?”. learning lyrics says I … “no worries mate  … I know them ALL!! “…Not these says I say… It’s a NEW SONG!! “Eh???” They all say to a man.

So …it’s time, I’m nervous… But we get on there … And it’s packed … I mean really!! I make what I think is a humorous comment …Laughter … This is good, and … We kick off with Something That I said…This is going to be good…it’s only the second Ruts acoustic show ever… And, played like this, it’s pretty intense… Mighty Soldier, Dangerous Minds, Smiling Culture, receive great support…Then …Really? Are they (are we) playing Despondency? ..Dark and broody, it is about the period just after Malcolm died..Phew.

Breathe deeply … The new Song … I place the lyrics on my knee …on with the glasses… We start … The lyrics flutter to the ground… I’m on my own!!

We get through it though and the glorious applause makes this a major point in my life .Love in Vain brings the tears… Then we depart into ” The Hits “Really enjoyed it as i think did most people in the room Thank you all so much for coming to see us .

Off to see Killing Joke .look forward to Sunday.

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Segs’s Rebellion Festival Blog Day 1

Rebellion 2014…and so although this is our 3rd rebellion since going out again… It was the best. One reason for that I think, is that I went up on the Friday to interview Ali McMordie from SLF… After chasing him around for a while we meet in the Pump and Truncheon, old friends, from different circumstances .But, the interview for FFRUK TV doesn’t take place there… Oh no, A pint of Guinness and 2 strange shots of something set me up for the slippery slope. No matter though the interview finally takes place back at a hotel, (soon to view at the normal FFRUK co- ordinates.) No Jake Burns though, although he was up for a chat after the show ( … Tara and I decided against it …went to see the show .I thoroughly enjoyed it and , truly, it set me up for the following 2 days.


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Tour Blog Day Four Ruts Dc On Tour

2nd December 2013
Day Four,

Tivoli Ballroom


Wake up in Car Park of gig (in the bus :-)

cup of tea w/ manuka honey …phew rock and roll!

Meet Segs in front lounge, he has done reconasance of Buckley and explains “there are 4 banks 3 kebab shops 2 pubs a Spar convenience store and a small shopping precinct that only contains mostly empty shop fronts an “Iceland” and “Bevan’s” garden centre, but positively there is one small diner “The Windmill” which serves lunch between
12 noon and 4 p.m…hurrah we say “a lunch opportunity”


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