Gig Review – Ruts DC, Evil Blizzard, The Duel…

Another Space/Time anomaly type thingy caused SiB and Myself to randomly appear in North London on a Saturday afternoon (Islington to be precise). We bumped into Straighten out who along with Leigh from The Ruts was searching for a place to eat. A little later we saw Segs and Ruffy perambulating along Essex Road taking in the restorative scenery and air. And I could’ve sworn we saw Jet from UK Subs leaving the Garage.

Ravenette and FdN apparently took a right turn and found India to be closed for refurbishment. Eventually we congregated in Wetherspoons for Chips and drinks while the rift in time healed itself. Fed and watered we made our way to The Garage early so as not to miss any of the acts tonight…

Occasionally you attend a gig that becomes a moment crystallised in time. A classic! Well tonight was one of those occasions; a moment that will become firmly embedded in the Amber of Rock History! A bold statement? Maybe! But I’ll tell you something. Nights like this don’t come along too often!

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A gig with Walter Lure…

While in Europe recently I got a call from Smutty Smith (of the Rockats) asking if I would be interested in doing a show with Walter Lure from the Heartbreakers to take place on the 9th October?

The group would feature Walter on guitar and vocals, my old pal Neal (X) Whitmore from Zigue Zigue Sputnik on guitar, Phil Bloomberg from The Polecats on bass and yours truly on bass

Yes! Yes! Yes! Says I, what’s the deal?

It was to be a one off gig at the after show party of a photo exhibition of the legendary Bob Gruen, entitled ‘Rock Seen’ featuring many of his pictures including, John Lennon Blondie, The Clash, David Bowie, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The New York Dolls, Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol.

So a week later we had worked out a set list mostly Heartbreakers with a smattering of U.S.garage and UK rockabilly. (See below)


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Ruts D.C. at The Garage Oct 25th

They say there is a time and place for everything, and without doubt Saturday 25th October at London’s The Garage, will be a night when the city’s music scene explodes for one of its most thrilling adventures this year. Presented by Home Grown in association with Satellite, the night will see the legendary RUTS D.C. unleash their inimitable and inspirational ‘dubbed out grooviness’, a sound to leave feet and emotions romping with relish.



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