Segs Blog – Happy Winter Solstice from Bristol

Well as we all get ready for the unavoidable  festivities of christmas and ” The new year”, for me – it’s all about the Solstice  .Today – the 21st , is the shortest day of the year and as such , is the true new years cross over point dictated by our relative position to the Sun ..Indeed , it must be the origin of christmas before it was highjacked by the controlling powers of the priest class and later twisted further by the invention of a big fat bloke in a red suit by Coca- Cola .

It means that , from tomorrow , the days will start getting longer and those early dark evenings will slowly , but noticeably , start to lift . The beginning of the new year .

So , it was with this  celestial event in mind that we set off to Bristol for last nights gig at the Fleece .

We like the Fleece -having played there last year to a great and warm crowd and working well with promoters Ziggy and Jon from Death or Glory promotions .

We arrive early and , as the venue is still closed. Pop into the Seven Stars pub conveniently placed next door .As we entered we were rather pleasantly surprised to see and hear a young man playing his own songs on acoustic guitar .An interesting style of singing that switched to a gentle falsetto for the chorus accompanied our  pint of Star Gazer .The atmosphere was  warm , it was friendly and dare I say – kinda christmassy .Chatting and encouraging the singer afterwards,  I found out that his name was Jach Fox-Williams .I hope to hear him again soon . Next up was a guy called Dan Vickers – again playing his own songs – this time incorporating some slide guitar techniques in open tuning and an interesting style of laying his guitar on his lap and using it as a percussive instrument while playing haunting chords .  Enchanting , was the word that Ruffy used to describe his performance….as we finished our second pint . …oh – better go to soundcheck !

Soundcheck done – we do an interview with our militant cameraman Shaun and soon it’s gig time – theres a good crowd , great vibe – everybody’s up for it and as our own little mosh pit starts to swirl , I am pleased that I can manage to dodge a couple of over – excited ( plastic ) hurled glasses and avoid smashing my teeth into my ever moving microphone as the mosh boyz fall and bump into it .We all enjoyed it – lots of smiles and good to see many old and new friends afterwards – see you all again soon.


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100 Club Presents: Resolution Festival, Jan 2015

Kick off 2015 with a 5 date celebration of classic punk in its spiritual home as 100 Club presents Resolution Festival.

From Tuesday 6th January to Saturday 10th January, Resolution Festival will be hosting some of the biggest and best names in punk music. With Anti-Nowhere League kicking things off, there are also performances from 999, Ruts DC, Ed Tudor Pole, Chris Spedding and the newly announced secret special guests: UK Subs!

Tickets can be bought for individual days (priced from £10) or a full festival pass for only £45. Read on below for our picks of this amazing lineup.


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New Live Album – Top 50 Albums Of The Year


 Ruts DC – Live On Stage


Two separate albums greeted the return of Louder Than War favourites Ruts DC this year. One, live recordings from 2013 / 14 and the other a reissue of the 1982 album recorded with the Mad Professor. Granted, Rhythm Collision Vol 1 is a great album but it was the live album that really blew us away. From its opening of the Misty-in-Roots Live at the Counter-Eurovision intro to the very end it was a reminder of what an exceptional live band Ruts DC are. Ged Babey, reviewing it for us, said:

“I’m not exaggerating when I say that Ruts DC Live On Stage is one of the best live albums I’ve ever heard. (I’ve had it for nearly a month now and it just gets better and better … it really is up there with It’s Alive and Play by Magazine…the perfect encapsulation and souvenir of a gig, whether you were actually there or not.”

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