PSYCHIC BLOG – Switzerland to Milano

Switzerland to Milano




We arrive at Sedel club Lucerne -and we are greeted by the sight of a cow ! .We’ve only been away for 8 days but the sight of an alternative life form is thrilling .She stares back at us -hopefully shes thinking the same thing ?





The club is cool , dub music playing -i’m happy . I enter the dressing room / kitchen and i’m greeted by friendly,welcoming faces and the succulent smell of chicken cooking on a bed of herbs –ahhhhhhhh .Don’t worry ,there’s a vegetarian option for our man Leigh .I gotta say ,i’m pleased it isnt beef as I wouldnt want to upset my new found friend .

The food is hot and very tasty and I just about digest it in time to take the stage -all good .Nice people come to our gigs -a lot of people seem to be smoking -a bit harsh on the old vocal chords but we survive the onslaught and at least it saves on dry ice ! Once again I wonder how is it that people smoke like troopers ( where does that saying come from?) -in clubs and bars all over germany. I dont really like the smoke but I kinda like the fact that they just ignore the european ruling .I’ve never been one for rules .

The gigs good ,we dont get many echoes though from the house soundman -in general we have been lucky on this tour though.Thank you Martin and all at Sedel club .

In the morning we hit the road for Milano The scenery is breathtaking but difficult to capture as we plunge into tunnel after tunnel catching fleeting glimpses of expansive lakes and moutain peaks .. (more…)

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After much planning ,changing of those plans ,re-packing and decisions beyond my control ,we have passed through the Swiss border . Talk of searches,fines ,merchandise tax, smuggling and such have luckily not materialised and we sail past the border guards on the beautifully sunny day .

I started the journey with an early morning Jazz woodbine .These days this treat is usually reserved for the odd evening or for purely inspirational purposes .Today,as we move very slowly through the German traffic I am indeed inspired ,but today it’s not lyrics or music that are flowing from my mind- It’s ideas for the new Pledge campaign. As some of you may know -I like to wear a hat (except in bed )-right now,I have to wear several at the same time ….





Musical and lyrical Inspiration has been flowing over recent months though so the actual creation process of this bunch of songs is going well .Now,we‘ve decided to go for it and raise the money ourselves .We’ve come up with some good ideas and we’re hoping to announce the new campaign next week .

We’ve been playing some of the new tunes live and their performance and audience reaction is proving to be invaluable to the process .I wish we could run a few more in soundchecks but there’s never any time. :—Today Mutti has asked us if we could cut down our usual allocated 10 minute services break to 5 !






Out of necessity ,we’re getting this down to a very fine art now–Like locusts ,we descend on the unsuspecting truck stop ,we think and move as one .The van is re-fuelled ,the coffee and sandwiches bought , the facilities utilised to optimum efficiency and before you can say Gusuntheit ,we’re sitting in traffic again. – We’re going to be late ….


No matter though.I have time to let my mind drift back to the last 2 gigs .Cologne and Essen . (more…)

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Day 5 – Kreuzberg, Berlin



Monday 28th

It’s a day off in Berlin today we are all knackered and it’s a pretty uneventful day, I offer to treat Segs to a decent lunch, we go for a walk to the river Spree and call into the nearby IBIS hotel and get coffees I get some restaurant recommendations from the receptionist and we go in search of food we cross the Spree into former east Berlin along the remains of the “wall” looking for the first recommended eating house ‘Private’ but alas it’s closed on Monday so back across the spree to ‘Sage’ but that was closed too it’s an interesting location with a sandy beach on the riverbank and lots of old motors.





It seems almost everything is closed on Monday in Berlin, it’s the new Sunday. We walk back to Kreurzburg To the market hall we visited a couple of days ago, all closed.






This is more walking than I’ve done in months, eventually we find an Afghan cafe and get some soup and a mango lassi and decide that this alcohol free light lunch will much lighter on our wallets, livers and waistlines.

Back to hotel for a snooze

Today’s highlight is dinner with Mutti and his lovely wife Monica at their Berlin apartment.

When on tour it’s really great when you go to someone’s house it kind of re humanises you.

We have a lovely dinner, great wine and some coffee schnapps,


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Day 4 Euro tour 2015 – Ruffy

Good day, well we are in the Van and for for 6 hours driving to Torun in Poland.




it’s a very tedious drive through vast agricultural plains, it’s nothing but “van van van van van van van van van van fields fields fields fields



fields fields fields fields stop at services, terrible grub, lukewarm coffee, van van van van van vanvan van van van van van van fields fields fields fields fields fields2

fields fields van van van van van van van van van van fields fields fields fields fields fields fields,





We eventually reach Torun and check in to the hotel Copernicus, we stayed here before and some of you may remember my tale of this soviet era hotel from a year ago? Well the food is no better but I’m happy to report that the rooms have been refurbished, and that if one had a cat, you could swing it around with no problem at all.

We were supposed to be doing a gig together with Slaughter and the Dogs tonight but they have cancelled so we are playing Pub Pamela again it’s a strange gig though, we have to be finished by 6:30 pm as the local Moto-Cross team are on the telly?

We meet Anna an English translator, who is a friend of Mutti, she has travelled from Warsaw speaks BBC English and brings us a present of Żubrówka vodka, a firm favourite of mine, it’s been around since the 16th century it has a great flavour with hints of vanilla and almond, it’s distilled from rye and has a mildly narcotic effect. Thanks Anna.


We take to the stage and play a shortish set, the people are happy to see us and the girls get down to the reggae tunes. We chat to quite a few folk afterwards, many have seen us before. (more…)

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